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For the contact phone number you may enter a DSN, a commercial or a cell phone number. Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

Note reoccurring dates in the Event/Program Details section; specify if the event occurs daily, weekly or monthly.

Not an FSS Facility?
Please contact the Force Support Marketing Department at 452 6466 or 06565-61-6466.

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Marketing Requests
must be submitted 60 days prior to event date or needed publicity.

Sponsorship Requests
must be submitted THREE MONTHS PRIOR to event date.

(Please click here in order to fill in the Sponsorship Request Form Please fill it out and send it to the Sponsorship coordinator.

Submit a Ticket

60-Day Lead Time

Please keep in mind the 60 day lead time when submitting your tickets in order to receive enough advertising on the events and programs that you are submitting.  

The Marketing Ticket System is to be used for 52d Force Support Squadron events only.

 For more information and details please call us at 452-6466 

General Information
Valid DSN or COMM number
Further Details
Date required must be at least ten business days for submission.
Is there also a Member/Special Price?
$ Amount requested to enhance event, not for basic event funding.
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Type Item & Item Cost
Type Item & Item Cost
Type Item & Item Cost
Type Item & Item Cost
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Before submitting please make sure of the following
  • All necessary information has been filled out.
  • All information is correct and error-free.
  • If this request is not submitted by an FSS facility; I understand this is a fee based service.
We have:
  • recorded as your IP Address
  • recorded the time of your submission

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